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We start programming... this part of the PureBasic manual should guide you through some basic stuff, which you should learn while starting to program with PureBasic.

The following topics in this chapter should give you some ideas, where to start with PureBasic. It shouldn't replace any larger tutorial or the massive information, which can be found on the popular PureBasic forums. So the following information texts are short, but they include some "keywords" and links to further information, which are included in this reference manual. This chapter covers only a small part of the 1500+ commands available in PureBasic!

Topics in this chapter:

- First steps
- Variables and Processing of variables
- Constants
- Decisions & Conditions
- Loops
- String Manipulation
- Storing data in memory
- Input & Output
- Displaying text output (Console)
- Building a graphical user interface (GUI)
- Displaying graphics output & simple drawing
- Structuring code in Procedures
- Compiler directives (for different behavior on different OS)
- Reading and writing files
- Memory access
- Dynamic numbering using #PB_Any
- Managing multiple windows with different content
- Other Compiler keywords
- Other Library functions
- Advanced functions
- Some Tips & Tricks

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