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PureBasic Resources

Official PureBasic Website (Developer & International Publisher) (Code-Archive, PureBasic Freeware & Shareware & much more)
PureBasic - A Beginner's Guide (free and very good book for PureBasic beginners)
PureBasic Survival Guide (big tutorial about coding with PureBasic)
PureBasic Blog (Notes & thoughts by the PureBasic developers)
The Pure Project Network (User-Libs, Code-Snippets, GUI Builders & much more)
PureVision (Visual Form Editor)
PBDev - PureBasic Developer
Microsoft Windows API Support
TailBite (unofficial) tool for creating PureBasic user libraries
Gnozal's PureBasic place (User-Libs, jaPBe, Tools & more)

PureBasic Reseller

Developer Team & International Publisher
German Publisher

Games written with PureBasic

Restricted Area
Krakout Unlimited 2
Hostile Skies
Ladies Garden
PureBasic Showcase

Private websites dedicated to PureBasic

Andreas' PureBasic Site (german)
Horst Schaeffer
PureCoder by nxSoftware
PureTools by AL90
ProGUI (professional GUI library, written in and for PB)

Many more german and international websites around PureBasic and programming you find on