Result = PokeS(*MemoryBuffer, Text$ [, Length [, Flags]])
Writes a string to the specified memory address, followed by a null-character for termination.


*MemoryBuffer The address to write to.
Text$ The string to write.
Length (optional) The maximum number of characters to write. If this parameter is not specified or -1 is used then the full length is written. The terminating null-character that is always written (unless the #PB_String_NoZero flag is set) is not included in this count.
Flags (optional) The string format to use when writing the string. This can be one of the following values:
  #PB_Ascii  : Writes the strings in ascii (default in ascii mode)
  #PB_UTF8   : Writes the strings in UTF8
  #PB_Unicode: Writes the strings in unicode (default in unicode mode)
It can be combined with the following constants:
  #PB_String_NoZero: Doesn't write the terminating null-character.

Return value

The amount of bytes written to memory, not including the terminating null-character. The amount of written bytes differs from the string length in characters if the format is #PB_UTF8 or #PB_Unicode.

See Also

PeekS(), CopyMemoryString()

Supported OS


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