Result = DirectoryEntryDate(#Directory, DateType)
Returns the date of the current entry in the directory being listed with ExamineDirectory() and NextDirectoryEntry() functions.


#Directory The directory examined with ExamineDirectory().
DateType The kind of date to return. It can be one of the following values:
  #PB_Date_Created : returns the file creation date.
  #PB_Date_Accessed: returns the last file access date.
  #PB_Date_Modified: returns the last file modification date.

Return value

Returns the specified date of the current directory entry in the format of the PureBasic Date library.


On Linux and Mac OSX, the date returned for #PB_Date_Created is the same as the date for #PB_Date_Modified, because most file systems do not store a file creation date.

See Also

ExamineDirectory(), NextDirectoryEntry(), DirectoryEntryType(), DirectoryEntryName(), DirectoryEntrySize(), DirectoryEntryAttributes()

Supported OS


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