Displays the specified 'Text$' in the console and adds a new line.


Text$ The text to display before the newline. In graphical mode the length of the string can't excess the width of the console, otherwise the string will be truncated (have the end cut off).

Return value



In graphical mode it's possible to change the position with the function ConsoleLocate(). To change the appearance of the string when it is printed, the function ConsoleColor() should be used.

The cursor will be moved to the start of the next line after the end of the string. If you print over the right edge of the console the text will wrap around to the left edge on the next line down. If you print off the bottom of the console window, the console window will scroll its contents up. You can use Print() instead, if you want to continue the output directly after last character.

To output raw data on the non-graphical console (for pipe communication) WriteConsoleData() can be used.


  If OpenConsole()
    PrintN("This is quite a long string.")
    PrintN("You see how this one does not join onto the end of the previous one?")
    PrintN("That is because the cursor moves to the start of the next line after the end of the string.")

    PrintN("Press return to exit")

See Also

Print(), Input()

Supported OS


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