SortList(ListName(), Options [, Start, End])
Sorts the specified list, according to the given options. The list may be of one of basic type: byte, word, long, integer, string or float. For structured list, use SortStructuredList().


ListName() The list to sort.
Options It can be a combination of the following values:
  #PB_Sort_Ascending : Sort the list in ascending order (lower values first)
  #PB_Sort_Descending: Sort the list in descending order (higher values first)
  #PB_Sort_NoCase    : Sort the string list without case sensitive (a=A, b=B etc..)
Start, End (optional) The index of the first and last element in the list that should be sorted. If these parameters are not specified, then the whole list is sorted.

Return value


See Also

SortStructuredList(), RandomizeList()

Supported OS


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